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Image of How To Create The Perfect Sew-In Weave (Hands-On Class)

How To Create The Perfect Sew-In Weave (Hands-On Class)


A flawless weave begins with a great foundation. Your braiding technique is your foundation. If your foundation is bad, then your weave will be bad. You will learn my secret braiding pattern to create the flattest weave possible.

I will teach you the most amazing braiding technique that will not harm your clients hair and that will create the ultimate flat weave. You will learn why it is very important to braid in this particular pattern.

You will learn the proper placement for a side part, middle part or full sew in, this technique will ensure that no tracks will ever show.

You will learn the correct way to stitch a weft, and how to make a notch stitch that will never require your clients to come back for tightenings.

You will learn what tools you must have, such as the proper needles, professional weaving thread, and high quality netting(no more cheap stuff).

Learn how to do a professional consultation with your client, and how to price your services correctly. > You will learn about the structure of hair and why you must protect your clients hair.

You will learn how to close your clients weave without leaving a hump.

You will learn about all the bad techniques that you MUST not do.

You will learn how to secure and protect your clients hair & edges.

You will learn how to do a sew-in on someone who is balding...

Learn how to market yourself to build and brand your business.

You will learn how to create the perfect closure.

Learn the best technique for closing up a full weave with no glue.

All tools are included with class fee. You must bring Tripod and Mannequin . Prerequisite: YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO BRAID (CORN ROLL)

Refine your skills to make more money. When you know your craft you can charge what your are worth? Now is the time to educate yourself to become the expert. Knowledge is power. > Jump start you career now in 2016-2017. Create a positive change in your life. Make a difference to your clients!

APPLICATION/DEPOSIT FEE: $150 (Non-Refundable)
*$150 is the deposit which secures your seat and supplies. The full class price is $350. The balance of $200 is due in CASH on the day of class, before the start of class. The class is approximately 8 hours long on Mondays Only. We will take small breaks and refreshments will be served. **If you would like to upgrade your training with an additional training day of Tuesday and live model for $100, please contact us for details at 267-281-4570 or

You will receive an email of supplies to bring once registration is paid.