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Image of Diva With A Plan- Package

Diva With A Plan- Package

Package includes the following Brazilian Bodywave and Brazilian Straight bundles:

Brazilian Bodywave 16"-3 Brazilian Straight 16"-2

Brazilian Bodywave 18"-3 Brazilian Straight 18"-2

Brazilian Bodywave 20"-3 Brazilian Straight 20"-1

Brazilian Bodywave 22"-2 Brazilian Straight 22"-1

Brazilian Bodywave 24"-2

Lace Frontal 13x4- Brazilian Straight 16"

Lace Closure- 4x4 Brazilian Bodywave 16"

21 pieces total $1,215

Package can be substituted for any pattern. Only one pattern can be selected for this package. If no choice is indicated, order will be filled with Premium Brazilian Loose Wave. * Packages come with 1 hour Question and Answer training.