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Image of Closures- Silk Top
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Closures- Silk Top

9A Grade Hair. Silk Closures are made of a thicker fabric than lace. Some people prefer silk base closures because the knots are hidden underneath the silk fabric, and gives the appearance as if the hair is growing from your scalp, and the base is thick enough to hide the braids underneath.

Silk Closure base normally run light in color so you may have to tint the fabric to match your skin color or use foundation that is the color of your skin in the parting area.

Some silk closures give a thicker appearance than lace around the hair line leaving a line of demarcation.

Lace Closures are thinner and give a more flattering and seamless attachment especially when glued around the perimeter of the hair line to blend in with your skin. It can also be sewn down without glue by a skilled professional. Some people believe that you can see the braids underneath the lace when looking directly at the unit so wearing a flesh colored stocking cap is sometimes recommended.
Another concern when purchasing a lace closure is the knots being too dark. If the knots are too dark at the root of the base then the unit will not look as realistic. Bleaching the knots is recommended to give a more realistic look, the objective is for the hair to appear as if it is growing from your scalp.

PLEASE NOTE: All Closures come in color 1B, if prefer Color #1 please email us at to specify for your order after payment.

Image of Closures- Silk Top
Image of Closures- Silk Top